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How Chiropractic Care can help with Shoulder Pain?

Jun 24


Each year, shoulder pain impacts between 46 percent and 26% of the population of America. The highly mobile part of our body is comprised of several joints. They are the ones accountable for everything such as lifting our arms above our heads and embracing our loved family members. This article can help you determine if you think a Tacoma chiropractor is the right choice for you.

The most common causes For Shoulder Pain

The complicated and mobile shoulder joint (also called the shoulder girdle) is extremely complicated. It is comprised of two major joints (four in all).

  • Acromioclavicular joint: This is the place in which the shoulder blade and clavicle join in the back.

  • Glenohumeral joint: This is the region in which the humerus (the upper arm bone) is inserted into the socket on the shoulder (the "glenoid cavities").

The joints are protected by a complex web of ligaments and muscles. The supraspinatus (and infraspinatus) muscles form the wrist rotator. The muscles in these areas keep your humerus in the glenoid cavity, which allows you to lift your arms over your head.


Tendons play a role in linking muscles and bones. Ligaments join muscles and facilitate easy movement. The labrum, which is a soft tissue that covers the capsule of the shoulder joint, and creates the shape of the humerus' head, is comprised of soft tissues. Bursa is a sac filled with fluid that absorbs shock and permits movement in the joint of the glenohumeral.


The Brachial Complex is comprised of nerves that connect the shoulder to the armpit. It is located in the armpit. These nerves regulate movement and pain signals within your arm, shoulder, and hand.

Anytime can trigger shoulder discomfort. It may worsen during the evening, as the joint becomes stiff. It may be a dull or intense sensation and maybe a burning sensation in the shoulder joint. The pain can be sharp and experienced in a variety of locations, including the middle back or shoulder shoulders and neck, arm, and shoulder blades.


What can a chiropractor do to treat shoulder pain?

The most effective solution for shoulder pain is chiropractic treatment. It's both safe and efficient. Here are a list of potential treatment options.

  • A study conducted in 2012 of frozen shoulder cases revealed that 82% of cases were completely solved, with a maximum of 75% that required treatment.

  • Adjustments to the shoulder that are chiropractic are a treatment option for discomfort, weakness or numbness of the extremities.

  • For cases of shoulder dislocations, A chiropractor can reduce the likelihood of recurring dislocations.

  • Chiropractic treatment for Rotator Cuff pain. This is a conservative treatment for pain and rehabilitation with solid proof of effectiveness.

Chiropractic techniques

Your chiropractor will create a treatment plan for shoulder discomfort. It could include adjustments that are done by hand or made with special tools. They are among the most frequently used chiropractic adjustments to treat shoulder injuries.

  • Articulatory: This technique enhances the range of motion for a particular joint. In this instance, it's the shoulder joint. Your chiropractor can help to increase your range of motion by controlling it.

  • Myofascial release: Myofascial release the connective tissue of the shoulder. These conditions may cause or cause frozen shoulders, and other painful conditions that restrict the motion of your shoulder.

  • The cervical spinal manipulation may help in the treatment of shoulder pain that is referred. Cervical spinal manipulation is utilized to relieve pain from pinched nerves. It concentrates on the alignment of cervical vertebrae.

  • Functional techniques: These methods improve joint motion and reduce stiffness. The chiropractor will stretch the shoulder until it is at its limits. The pressure will release when it has reached that point. The gentle pressure eventually causes the joint capsule to relax and become stiffer.

Direct thrust, as well as other techniques, can also be employed by your chiropractor. This method is not suggested for shoulder injuries or for other ailments. It makes rapid and quick moves to straighten your spine. The chiropractic adjustment is necessary to help balance your body.

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